Homeopathy- natural approach to cure illness

Homeopathy- Natural Approach To Cure Illness

Homeopathy- natural approach to cure illness

Homeopathy- natural approach to cure illness

Homeopathy is an art in the field of medical science. It’s fascinating to see how small sugar balls could bring drastic changes to your body with no side effects.

The most common diseases that we often come across have a very simple treatment in homeopathy. Unlike allopathy homeopathic medicines are cost effective and have no side effects. These are the naturally derived medicines.

Hair fall treatment in homeopathy:-

Homeopathy is based on nature’s law of cure and Hair fall  treatment is done on the basis of Individualization of patients constitution and holistic approach of cure. As the stress related disorders are one of the most important causes of hair loss. Homeopathy with its Holistic approach, considers the patient metal constitution as a whole as well entire physical constitution, life style, diet habits, past history of diseases and so plays a very good role in treating hair loss without any side effects.

Baryta-carb is homoeopathy remedy for hair loss

Natrum-mur is best Homeopathic medicine for hair regrowth 

Dengue Treatment in Jaipur

whenever you start experiencing symptoms such as body ache, feverish feeling, headaches, low appetite, and a total feeling of sickness, think of homeopathy. Homeopathy does not act against the virus, but it helps in strengthening your immunity in order to fight back the disease more effectively. Homeopathic medicines are natural and time tested. Most often, the disease goes undetected as the patient is asymptomatic and the symptoms may crop up later once the damage has been already done. In such times, homeopathy can be supplemented with the conventional mode of treatment. This combined system of medicine will promote quick recovery and enhance the body’s healing mechanism which is of utmost importance.  Carica papaya is one of the best medicines which helps in stimulating the platelet formation, thereby improves the platelet count. Bryonia Alba, arsenic album, Rhus tox, phosphorus, and China are other infallible medicines for dengue

Homoeo Treatment For Chikungunya

homeopathy never relies on individual antagonistic agents against a particular virus or bacteria. Homeopathy has always worked on the philosophy that the human body is perfectly endowed with all means to fight any and every infection provided the immune system of the body is working properly. Therefore homeopathic medicines just strengthen the immune system of the patient. A strong immune system is thus able to subdue the infectious virus on its own.


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